Virtual Terminal Services

A virtual terminal can be defined as the online version to the traditional POS terminals such as chip and pin machines. A virtual terminal is very beneficial to online retailers and businesses engaging in eCommerce related activities in a number of ways. However to obtain a virtual terminal you must meet certain prerequisites and standards and so it is advised to seek the assistance and guidance of a professional consultancy firm that specialize in online payment solutions.

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Assistance in Obtaining a Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal or virtual credit card processing terminal as it is commonly referred to, is a credit card processing facility that is built into your merchant account to allow credit and debit card payments online. Obtaining a virtual terminal can be a complex and rather time consuming process as there are many requirements to satisfy and so it is usual for individuals and companies to seek professional assistance in obtaining a virtual terminal.

Starting Business consultants are experienced in all areas of credit card processing terminals from offline traditional swipe machines and chip and pin machines, to the modern and highly advanced online virtual terminals. We will consult with you on your specific needs and expectations from using a virtual terminal and advise you on the best virtual terminal services that are suited to your requirements. We can obtain the virtual terminal from an acquiring bank or payment processor that is authorized to accept online payments and then assist you in integrating the virtual terminal. We also offer management services and can advise you on how to operate your virtual terminal in a cost effective, efficient and legal manner.

Why Obtain a Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal has many benefits to both the business offering it on their website and the customers looking to purchase goods and services online. A virtual terminal in general gives customers freedom and flexibility in their method of payment. It is also a very safe and secure method of payment and permits payments to be made from all over the world.

Obtaining virtual terminal services also means your company will likely receive PCI compliance and you will also save money and time as online payments avoid the traditional expenses of drafting and sending invoices. Virtual terminals are often considered the affordable and more cost efficient version of POS terminals.