Third Party Merchant Accounts

Starting Business can provide expert assistance to businesses looking to establish an online payment solution, including the finding of third party merchant accounts. We can assist you by putting you in touch with the relevant acquiring bank. We help businesses worldwide to set up merchant accounts and set up an appropriate form of payment.

Find a Third Party Merchant Account with our help

Finding the right third party merchant account through Starting Business will ensure that you are set up with the most efficient and provident solution for your business needs. We will assist you throughout the set up and to find the most competitive rates.

Finding a suitable merchant account according to your company’s needs is very important. Starting Business can assist you with all of your payment processing requirements.

To learn more about any of the payment related services Starting Business can assist you with, please Contact Us today. Alternatively if you are ready to begin the merchant account application procedure, please complete our Merchant Account Application form.

The Benefits Explained

Rather than setting up a merchant account independently, many companies worldwide use third party payment gateways. Many successful businesses operate thorough the use of third party accounts. Most start-up companies need to go through a third party as acquiring banks will usually not allow small independent business to set up a direct payment processing solution with them.

Payment processing through the use of a third party merchant account enables you to use another company’s processing account. It is advantageous for a number of reasons. They are far less complicated to set up in comparison with setting up an independent merchant account, as there is a significant reduction in the amount of paperwork that needs to be submitted. In addition, setting up a third party account is significantly quicker and easier for a number of reasons. For example, there is no need to find an acquiring bank, there are fewer checks in place during the application process, and most companies are able to set up a merchant account quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, integrating your site with the payment gateway is relatively straightforward.

Nevertheless the requirements for third party accounts will differ from one provider to another and there are a number of fees imposed by third party providers. It is therefore important to be set up with the correct third party merchant account provider for your business needs.