Offshore Merchant Accounts

Starting Business can assist throughout the entire process of obtaining an offshore merchant account. We specialize in helping offshore companies to locate an appropriate merchant account so they can accept payments, this involves finding the right account provider based upon the structure of your company and the services that will be offered.

Open an Offshore Merchant Account with us

To open an offshore merchant account it is a relatively complex procedure, and finding an acquiring bank or third party provider who can supply such an account can be a fairly difficult procedure. Using a professional consultancy company that knows the acquiring banks to help you obtain your account can significantly speed up the procedure. This will ensure that you end up getting the most out of your offshore merchant account.

Starting Business offer high levels of experience and knowledge in relation to merchant accounts, and can assist you with all of your payment processing needs. We will ensure that you are set up with the right offshore merchant account, and will assist you in integrating your account into your company, thus enabling all transactions to go through a payment gateway.

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Reasons to open Offshore Merchant Accounts

Finding the right acquiring bank or third party that will support your company and enable you to accept online payments is one of the most important steps to take when establishing your offshore company. This is because most of your company operations will depend heavily on how you will process your customer’s payments.

The acquisition of an offshore merchant account enables individuals or companies to set up and run a business with additional payment processing facilities. These can include debit and credit card processing services, as well as electronic checks, third party payments and other forms of payment.

An offshore merchant account is also an effective risk management tool. By opening this type of account you will be reducing your company’s online exposure to fraud, particularly if your company has a high volume of turnover. This will also enhance your company’s levels of security.

When setting up an offshore merchant account you will also benefit from competitive rates in a jurisdiction that offers low or zero tax advantages.