Merchant Account Providers

Starting Business provide assistance with a range of payment processing services and can help companies to locate a suitable merchant account provider. We will help you throughout the opening stages of your account and find an acquiring bank that is based upon the structure of your company and the services that will be offered.

Find Merchant Account Providers with our help

The process of finding the right merchant account providers can be relatively time-consuming and complex, and it is therefore advisable to seek the guidance of a professional consultancy company. Starting Business can assist you in finding the right provider that can facilitate payments according to your industry, volume of processing and form of processing you require. We will also contact the acquiring bank for you on your behalf, and assist you in integrating your merchant account onto your website.

We will find the relevant merchant account provider for you on your behalf. We can help to reduce the time spent searching for the right provider, and ensure that you are set up with the correct merchant account provider that is best suited to your company needs.

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About Merchant Account Providers

A merchant account provider is a company that offers payment services, whether online or offline, for companies. The main providers of merchant accounts are acquiring banks, however there are many third party providers who can assist with your account opening. Finding the right provider will help to reduce company costs and also provides technical support where needed. The role of the merchant account provider is to processes the transaction, and set the price of the services.

Merchant account providers give businesses the opportunity to accept a range of payment types in exchange for their goods and services. Providers give companies the ability to offer a range of payment services that can include credit and debit card payments, as well as third party payments, electronic checks and other forms of payment. The forms of payment offered will depend upon the services that are offered by the company, and the merchant services that will better facilitate the company’s payment processes.