Merchant Account Action Plan

Starting Business are available to guide you throughout the entire application process of obtaining your merchant account and our dedicated consultants can provide you with assistance regarding any queries or questions you may have. Below are the necessary steps to follow in order to obtain a merchant account with Starting Business.

1. Complete our merchant account pre-application form

By completing our pre-application form, you will provide us with the basic information we require in order to approach our acquiring banks and merchant partners. Complete our Merchant Account Application.

2. Pay for Services

If we receive pre-approval of your application, we will require payment of our fees in order to commence the application process. If the information you send us does not meet the requirements of our merchant partners in regards to jurisdiction, we will offer you an alternative solution. Our tailored solution will include company formation and bank account opening in a jurisdiction where our partner can provide the merchant account.

3. Merchant Application Completion

Once we have received your payment and / or setup your new company and bank account, we will proceed with the complete merchant application form as provided to us by the 3rd party processor or acquiring bank. This application form is known as the ‘complete’ application form and will require extensive details including information on your company, shareholders, directors and bank account.

4. Approval of Complete Application Form

Once the forms are completed and signed, we will send them off to our merchant partner for approval.

5. Sign Documentation

Once we have received official approval of your complete merchant account application, we will send you the relevant contracts. These contracts must be signed by the director or authorized signatory for your company.

6. Integration of your Payment Gateway

Once this is completed and you have received access to the merchant gateway, you can commence the integration of the payment gateway into your website.

7. Start Processing

Once all contracts are signed and the payment gateway is fully integrated into the site, you are free to begin using the merchant account, making sales online and processing online payments.

For further advice and guidance on how to proceed with your account application, please Contact Us.